We proudly represent a variety of compost facilities in the Edmonton area.  The list below describes the different products available. Please call for more information and current pricing.

Horticulture Compost

This quality compost is rich in organic matter and is excellent for amending depleted soils, enriching planting mixes, and enhancing the growth of turf and ornamental plants.  You can use our horticultural compost for:

  • New turf establishment and topdressing existing grass
  • Flower and garden beds
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Topsoil manufacturing or upgrading
  • Mulching
  • Erosion control applications

Agriculture Compost

Edmonton Compost for Agricultural improves organic matter, water retention and percolation, and adds vital nutrients to your soil.

It is ideal for all types of soils, crops and production systems.  Use in combination with a liquid fertilizer for a complete crop nutrient package that produces both immediate and long-term results.

Compost is the easy, inexpensive way to manage your soil’s health, protect against drought and enhance crop yields.

We Deliver, We Apply, You Profit

Absorbent Compost

Looking for a solidification agent that is reliable, abundant, and economical?  Edmonton Compost absorbent is an organic-based material that is mechanically dried and stored for moisture control giving you a secure dry source of product.

Low moisture compost allows you to quickly and easily solidify all types of slurry wastes for easier management.  Transportation and disposal are made simpler by the high absorption ratio of this product: the less solid waste you have to haul, the more cost effective your clean-up operation will be.

Reclamation Compost

Edmonton Compost reclamation compost is a quality compost for soil restoration and reclamation of disturbed lands, salt contamination, cut lines, and stripped land projects.  Available in large quantities and reasonable rates, this reliable source of organic matter will achieve the most cost effective results for your plant establishment and survival rate needs.

Add recycled gypsum for a “kick” in pH balancing water percolation; added value per load!

When it’s time to reclaim land you need a product that’s proven, consistent, versatile and economical.  Compost is it.